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Full service property maintenance packages.

A customized lawn care & weed control program that’s right for your lawn.

We provide a full range of specialized maintenance services from basic lawn and garden maintenance to large scale irrigation assistance.

Our team will work with you to develop a program that’s right for your lawn, your budget and your local environment, resulting in a beautiful, thriving yard that you can feel good about.

    • Aeration Services
    • Detaching Services
    • Fertilizing Services
    • Over Seeding Services
    • Weed Control Services
    • Moisture Management Services
    • Robotic lawn care services
    • Tree Pruning & Removal Services

Maximize the potential of your property.

When your property succeeds, so do we.

Our primary focus is to maximize the potential of your property while ensuring that everything is managed efficiently. We take a proactive approach with our processes, guaranteeing long-lasting tenants and more engagement from us. When your property succeeds, so do we.

Every property we maintain is different and we’ll work with you to develop a custom maintenance plan that will best meet the needs of your property and your budget.

Our uniformed and professional personnel are specialized in providing commercial grounds maintenance services for properties such as Office Buildings, Condominiums, Shopping Centres, Commercial/Industrial Properties, and Retirement Communities.

    • Parking Lot Sweeping
    • Parking Lot Line Painting
    • Parking Lot Crack Filling
    • Irrigation Maintenance & Blowouts
    • Sidewalk & Ice Management
    • Parking Lot Snow & Ice Management
    • Over-Seeding Services
    • Aeration Services
    • Detaching Services
    • Weed Control Services
    • Moisture Management Services
    • Tree Pruning & Planting Services
    • Calcium Chloride Treatment Services
    • Dust Control Services
    • Graffiti Removal Services
Mowed Anually
Sidewalks Managed
Parking lots maintained



Being able to take the vision that you have and transform it into reality requires expertise for devising a comprehensive plan.

If you have no clear vision for your ideal landscaping, we can help with that as well. Either way, what you get is a personalized design specific to your property and custom needs.



Bringing your landscaping vision to life is what we do best, and we accomplish this by offering the finest in landscape builds.

The design and planning is just part of the process. Being able to expertly execute the final results is what makes it all matter.



Just like you need to stay on top of cleaning and maintenance for inside your home, the same thing applies to your exterior.

The good news is that we can take care of this service work for you. There is no point investing into having the perfect landscaping, if you do not intend to let someone maintain it, as well.

Our new loader and our new blade were fitted today... At 9’ wide closed and 16’ wide open, this makes this unit the ultimate parking lot set up! Can’t wait to try on the next snow fall #avarapropcare ...

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Fresh new lines painted at GoodLife! Simple touches like this make the property pop and stand out. More importantly, it looks like you take care of your property... This plaza looks sharp and ready to go when the doors are ready to reopen. #avarapropcare ...

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It’s officially spring for us when we start to sweep parking lots! Crews working hard to get 53 lot sweeps done! #deere #johndeere #jd #medhat #nothingrunslikeadeer #cleanup #spring #avarapropcare ...

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This thing is a beast 💪🏻 #bobcat #toolcat #brushcutter #avarapropcare ...

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Our team worked long days and late night to ensure all our clients systems were blown out. Yesterday was our last day of 2020 blow outs... Thanks team!#avarapropcare ...

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Busy day shovelling snow! ❄️ #medhat #medicinehat #snow #johndeere #walmart #snow #landscape #landscaper #landscaping #avarapropcare ...

12 1

Just finished doing a parking lot clean! So clean you could eat off the pavement! 🧼 🧽 (please don’t try it, it will only make a mess 😉)
#3secondrule #clean #cleaning #fresh #yyc #calgary #sweep #avarapropcare

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Its Sweeping Season! Its an exciting time for us because we can officially sweep away the last remnants of winter and officially start to make it feel like spring and summer! Now all we need is a little bit of rain and APRIL SHOWERS WILL BRING MAY FLOWERS! Request an estimate today to receive a free estimate to clean up your parking lot

Or Directly Message Us Through Facebook! #avarapropcare

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Action shot with one of our new mowers! Looking’ good...#avarapropcare ...

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Another Aeration down 👍🏻 We also did a revita grow application on this yard. Would love to take a photo in the coming weeks to see how green it turns out. Revita grow paired with our fertilizer creates a nice solid green lawn by providing the benefits of fertilizer and food for your lawn all in one. Looking to make your neighbours jealous? Contact us and ask about or revita grow application 📞403.879.1948 📧info@avaralandscaping.com #avarapropcare ...

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Nothing beats the satisfaction of the look and smell of fresh cedar in planters. Crew working on re mulching the planters @homedepot in the rain today ☔️ 🌧 #avarapropcare ...

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Pre trial run of our robotic mowing service is officially running full swing. Full automated robotic service at an affordable cost and environmentally friendly in mind. Check it out > #avarapropcare ...

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That green lawn with those lines 😍#avarapropcare ...

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We guarantee that our team of trusted, proven professionals will provide the highest level of consistent quality workmanship at competitive reasonable rates. Whether using one of our services one time or our complete care package, our fast, friendly and efficient staff will make maintaining your vacation rental property, business property or personal residence simple and worry-free.

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