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A complete design build service.

We design and build your dream yard.

Avara Landscaping offers a complete residential design build service to add instant curb appeal to your property!

We employ skilled and certified landscape professionals. Our services include stone masonry, water features, planting, lighting and irrigation.

    • Design Services
    • Skid Steer Services
    • Excavation Services
    • LED Landscape Lighting Services
    • Creative Curbing
    • Tree & Shrub Planting
    • Rock & Mulching Services
    • Concrete Services
    • Paver Patio Services
    • Irrigation Services
    • Sod Installation Services
    • Synthetic Turf Services
    • Pond & Fountain Services

Specialized in providing commercial landscaping.

Your property will leave a remarkable impression on everyone.

A first impression is always a lasting one. Your landscaping is the first thing that all visitors, customers, employees, tenants or residents will see when approaching your building.With Avara Landscaping, we guarantee that your property will leave a remarkable impression on everyone.

Our uniformed and professional personnel are specialized in providing commercial grounds design, build and maintenance services for properties such as Office Buildings, Condominiums, Shopping Centers, Commercial/Industrial Properties, and Retirement Communities.

    • LED Landscape Lighting Services
    • Creative Curbing
    • Tree & Shrub Planting
    • Rock & Mulching Services
    • Sod Installation Services
    • Synthetic Turf Services
    • Pond & Fountain Services
    • Site Work & Grading
    • Drill Seeding
    • Hydroseeding
    • Small & Large Roll Sod Installation
    • Irrigation Design & Installation
    • Water Features
    • Retaining Walls
    • Site Furnishings
    • Tree & Shrub Planting
    • Playground & Waterpark Construction
    • Erosion Control
    • Flood Restoration
    • Streambank Protection

Add instant curb appeal to your property.



Being able to take the vision that you have and transform it into reality requires expertise for devising a comprehensive plan.

If you have no clear vision for your ideal landscaping, we can help with that as well. Either way, what you get is a personalized landscape design specific to your property and custom needs.



Bringing your landscaping vision to life is what we do best, and we accomplish this by offering the finest in landscape builds.

The design and planning is just part of the process. Being able to expertly execute the final results is what makes it all matter.



Just like you need to stay on top of cleaning and maintenance for inside your home, the same thing applies to your exterior.

The good news is that we can take care of this service work for you. There is no point investing into having the perfect landscaping, if you do not intend to let someone maintain it, as well.

+ Unique
Projects Completed
Sod laid annually
Avara Trees
Trees Planted Anually
Irrigation Pipe Laid Annually
Avara Softscape


Our design process allows you to be involved as much or as little as you feel necessary. We provide free quotes, on site consultations and by request, a detailed landscape designs.

Avara Hardscape


We are a full scale Landscape and Construction company taking pride in the work that we do. Our objective is to provide beautiful hardscapes, patios and stone projects at a reasonable price.

Avara Waterfall


We provide custom design and installation of beautiful waterfalls and water features. We have the know how, and equipment to see a project through from start to finish.

Let’s get work done 💪🏻

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Some trees being delivered and planted today! Perfect day to be planting... #machine #mightymachine #medhat #trees #spring #summer #rainyday #medicinehat #ford #bigtex #superduty #avaralandscape ...

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Some Deere’s grazing... #jd #johndeere #medhat #landscaping #landscaper #landscapersofinstagram #deere #machines #views #avaralandscape ...

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We just did a service to this water feature that we installed a few years ago by topping up the rock, cleaning, and inspecting for leaks. Water features come in all sizes and options from small to large. This one is a pond less waterfall/creek that has adjustable pump settings to create a trickle effect or a rushed water effect. Either way, imagine sitting next to this feature and relaxing your day away! 😍 #avaralandscape ...

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Those lines 😍#avaralandscape ...

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A nice concrete patio finished up for this client! Looking fresh #avaralandscape ...

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Love the colours starting to pop through on this project. #nofilter #avaralandscape ...

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We can feel the start of spring! We’re eager to get digging and creating some great Scapes for our residential and commercial clients! Looking to revamp your yard or new development? Book a consultation on our website or email us info@avaralandscape.com #avaralandscape ...

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Looking for more mature trees or specific type of plant or shrub? We will be doing our monthly order about mid may. Contact us for a quote to deliver right to your door! #medhat #avaralandscape ...

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Little brother and big brother posing for the camera 📸 #avaralandscape ...

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Pure relaxation... This yard brings back memories. Fast forward a few years and to see it filling in takes me to a whole new place... #avaralandscape ...

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| No rest for us this weekend! These yellow leaves and cooler mornings remind us that we only 35 days left of summer... We have to maximize our season and get what we can in the ground 🍂🌿 #avaralandscape ...

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No filter needed. Beautiful area for the public to enjoy. We wish more commercial projects had areas like these! 👍🏻 #avaralandscape ...

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Custom landscaping with innovative design and quality installation.


Our staff is local to you and loves to landscape–let us help you with all your landscaping needs.


Help with any type of design/build project, from residential to large public and commercial projects.


We want to develop an enduring relationship that benefits both you and us.


We provide a full suite of landscape and hardscape services, including patios, walkways, stone masonry, ponds and water gardens, irrigation, lighting and more. Whether it’s a full exterior makeover or refreshing beds with new plantings, Avara Landscaping has the knowledge, experience and artistic ability to bring out the best in your home.

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