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Beautiful, functional, long-lasting.

Not only to protect you, your pets, and your family, but to look good doing so.

We understand that the exterior of your home is a big investment and it’s important not only to protect you, your pets, and your family, but to look good doing so! Medicine Hat trusts us to build beautiful, functional, long-lasting fences and gates that never compromise on quality.

    • Chainlink Fence Services
    • Vinyl Fencing Services
    • Ornamental Fencing Services
    • Wood Fence Service
    • Pergola & Arbor Services
    • Wood Decking Services
    • Vinyl Decking Services
    • Composite Decking Services
    • Aluminum Railing Services
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All the details are covered.

From installation to renovation and maintenance.

Our team’s service capabilities include; Chain Link Fencing, Vinyl (PVC) Fencing, Ornamental Fencing, Barb Wire Fencing, and numerous other fence related products including Privacy Slats, Snow/Safety Fencing and Temporary Fencing solutions. Whether you need us to help keep your items protected or to install the tallest of baseball backstops – our team can help!

    • Chainlink fence services
    • Vinyl fencing services
    • Ornamental fencing services
    • Wood fence service
    • Pergola & arbor services
    • Sound barrier services

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Avara Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing has become a common feature in Medicine Hat fencing solutions and for good reason! It makes your home or business pop with a solid, almost instant and adaptable, low-maintenance, eco-friendly fencing solutions.

6’ Privacy Prices Starting at $42/LF

Avara Chain Link Fencing

Chainlink Fencing

Galvanized chain link fencing is most known for its durability and security options compared to other fencing solutions. Its also considered to be one of the most economical types of fencing available with a multitude of color coatings, gauges, weights and heights to choose from.

6’ Starting at $18/LF

Avara Pergolas & Structures

Custom Structures & Decks

Pergolas, arbors and decks are one of the biggest conversations starters when enjoying the summer months outside. Our team has had the privilege to work on some pretty amazing custom features with services such as louvered roof and wall structures, arbours, pergolas and decks with a magnitude of railing options.

A bit of character that was added to a project for Legacy in Calgary! #avaradeckfence ...

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It’s all in the details 🤩 #avaradeckfence ...

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What’s an English garden without a picket fence. This vinyl fence added the last bit of character to tie this English ensured garden together! Check it out > #avaradeckfence ...

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Some fresh composite deck boards going in today! #medhat #avara #deck #landscape #landscaping #landscapephotography #landscapedesign #fencing #green #avaradeckfence ...

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Doing some Chainlink fence repairs on this rainy day! #avaradeckfence ...

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We are now booking for the 2018 season! If you’re looking for ornamental iron, vinyl fencing or perhaps a deck, make sure to give us a call! 403.879.1948 #avaradeckfence ...

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Concrete going in today for our fence curb! #avaradeckfence ...

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Fall is in the air and boy is it beautiful! However, please give us at least another month and a bit before winter 🤞🏻#avaradeckfence ...

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Wrapping up the last fencing project for the season for the City tonight. The kids and locals of River Heights get to enjoy a new backstop for some baseball! ⚾️ #avaradeckfence ...

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Aluminum louvred roof pergola in its natural habitat. Throw back Thursday to this project 2 years ago #avaradeckfence ...

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Maintenance free fencing is the best type of fence there is. That’s our personal opinion... This back yard project and fence project turned out great! #avaradeckfence ...

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Finished product of the picket instal. The gothic cap vote won the majority and we think it looks good. Thanks for your vote! #avaradeckfence ...

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Not often does a landscaper find himself in the air 30’... Not bad for some but to a landscaper that spends most of his time on the ground, it’s a lot! Our team tearing down jefferies park and replacing it with some much needed fresh fabric (chainlink). Two upper sides to be completed next year #avaradeckfence ...

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Our fencing division is built upon a group of experienced Professional Fence Installers. Our install capabilities range from the smallest residential fence packages to the most complex industrial bonded project. Our execution of numerous residential and commercial fence projects for a wide variety of general contractors, engineering contractors, general contractors, energy companies, governmental agencies. We also offer both “Do-It-Yourself” fence packages with easy-to-follow installation instructions and offer an on-site, one-on-one training session to get you started.

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